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The mission of the City's Tax Department is to enforce and collect business and occupation tax as described by city ordinances. We strive to assist every business large and small the best we can.

Here you will find information and forms to help you get started. Please download and print the necessary forms, fill them out as completely as possible, and bring them to City Hall for finalization from our tax clerks.  You may also email any Building Permit, Business License or B&O Tax form to

Should you have any questions related to City Taxes or any of the information listed here, feel free to call City Hall at 304-788-1511 ext. 2 

Building Permit Information

Building Permit Application
Additional info and pricing is below

Revisions on the building permit ordinance were adopted on 1/12/2022 - click here to view the revised ordinance.

If you are going to be doing any construction work within city limits, you will need a building permit. 


If you are doing the work yourself, please just fill out "self" in the contractor section, however if you are having a contractor complete your work, they must be the one to complete the application and they must have a City of Keyser Business License. 

If you are in the flood zone, there is an additional form you will need to fill out and you can get a copy of that form from City Hall. 


Cost for the permit depends on the price of your project. Please refer to the chart below.

Business Licenses and

B&O Tax Information

City of Keyser Business License Application Form

New businesses, please complete the Privilege License Application Form in the

link above to obtain your City Business License - more info listed below.

B&O tax form

The form in the link above is used to report/pay your quarterly or annual B&O taxes - more info listed below.

If you conduct business within city limits, you will need to have a City of Keyser Business License. Please fill out all requested information on the application and provide a copy of the application and your state license to City Hall. Please allow up to a week to obtain your City of Keyser Business License after turrning in your completed application with a copy of your State Business License attached.  If you do not have a state license, you can obtain one through the State of West Virginia's One Stop Business Portal (click here for the link to the page). 

Once you obtain a city license, you will have to file either quarterly or annual B&O tax returns to the city (whichever way you prefer).  Generally if you don't do a lot of business throughout the year, you set up an annual tax account so you only pay once a year.  You receive a $10.00 exemption which you can apply at the bottom of the tax form.  If you choose to set up with quarterly returns, you can apply a $2.50 exemption to each quarter. 


Please make sure forms are turned in on time or you will need to apply the necessary penalties.

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