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Below are links to some commonly used forms.  Should you have any questions regarding any of these forms, please feel free to call City Hall at 304-788-1511

Taxes/Licensing Forms

You can email any Building Permit, Business License or

B&O Tax form to

City of Keyser Business License Application Form

B&O tax form

Additional info regarding these forms may be found on the Taxes & Building Permits page.

Building Permit Application

Additional info regarding this form can be found on the Taxes & Building Permits page.

Water Dept. Forms

Bank Draft Application

Used to set up EFT (Electronic Fund Transfer) payments-automatically deducts your water/sewer bill from your bank on or after the 15th of each month.  For sign up, provide us a voided check or bank documentation with routing and account number

Landlord Service Agreement

Agreement between City of Keyser and owner for rental properties.

Name or Billing Address Change Form
Used to change name due to marriage/divorce or legal name change, and/or to change billing address.

Transfer & Final Reading Request Form
Transfer) Existing customer is moving from one service address in Keyser, WV to another service address in Keyser, WV and will remain a customer.
(Final) Existing customer is moving out of service address in Keyser, WV and will no longer remain a customer.


Water/Sewer-Application for Service
*Contact City Hall at 304-788-1511 X1 to make arrangements for sign-up.*

Application is required for new customers that are establishing service in Keyser or an existing customer that is establishing service at an additional address.  Deposit is required as well for all new customers.

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