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Keyser's Water Department may be reached by calling 304-788-1511 (Option 1).

Our normal business hours are Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm. For an after-hour emergency, you may call 304-788-1311 and the police department will contact the appropriate person on call.


The City Council has decided to not charge residents the normal water/sewer rate to fill a swimming pool anymore.  The only charge will be $0.93/1000 gallons for water and no sewer charge will be applied.  In order to qualify for this adjusted rate, residents must call City Hall at 304-788-1511 Ext. 1 PRIOR to starting to fill their pool so that the pool size can be verified and the adjustment can be made to the next bill (or the bill after that one depending on the fill-up date in regards to the billing date at the time). 

Water Department Announcements

You can now sign up to receive a text, email or call when the City of Keyser issues a boil water notice!  Click here to sign up.

We are working on setting up the option for online bill pay.  Please check back at a later date to see if this option has been added yet.

History of the Keyser Water Plant

The Water Filtration Plant was first upgraded in 1924 and again in 2015. The plant is mainly fed from dam site 14 and local runoffs between the two sites. As the water reaches the dam on New Creek it is gravity fed into the plant itself where it is treated and ran through flash mixers which is a way of rapidly mixing the treatment chemicals into the water. Then the water goes into two floc basins to slowly mix the chemicals with the water to allow any dirt or debris to accumulate. as this process is completed the water moves on into two sedimentation basins. This allows the treatment chemicals to have contact time with the water being treated and for any dirt or debris to gain density and fall to the bottom of the basin. The water then runs through a clarifier filter to remove and suspending particles and then is gravity fed into the plant for filtration. After the filtration process, the water is placed in a finished clear well where it is treated for the final stage before it is put into the system for public consumption. 

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