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The City of Keyser maintains various parks throughout town for residents and visitors to enjoy.  The amphitheater located at Brooks Park and the pavilions located at Brooks Park and West End Park are also available for rent through City Hall. 

For more information on rentals, you may click here. 

West End Park

West End Park is located between Parkside Dr, White St, E St. & Arnold St.


  • Large pavilion with picnic tables (pavilion may be reserved for private events by calling City Hall)

  • Large grill

  • Basketball courts

  • Baseball field

  • Multiple swings

  • Playground equipment for all ages including the classic marry-go-round

  • Restroom available for use during summer & during rentals.

** Electric available **​

Brooks Park

(Formerly known as South End Park)

Brooks Park is located on S. Mineral St. (220) at the intersection of Carskadon Lane, in front of Keyser's

John R. Shelton Swimming Pool


  • Two pavilions with picnic tables (pavilion(s) may be reserved for private events by calling City Hall)

  • Amphitheater

  • Grills

  • Basketball court

  • Swingsets

  • Slide

  • Jungle Gym/Climber


** Electric available including 110/115 & 220 **

North End Park

North End Park is located across the tracks between N. Main St. & West St. and between Ditch Ave. & Argyle St.


  • Pavilion with picnic tables

  • Basketball court

  • Swingset

  • Various playground equipment for all ages including merry-go-round

north end.PNG

Laffey Park

(AKA East End Park)

Laffey Park is located on E. Piedmont St between Sharpless St. & Cherry Alley

Small fenced in playground perfect for small children


  • Swing set

  • Merry-go-round

  • Slide

Sally Burnside Park

Sally Burnside Park is located by the intersection of S. Water St. & Cliff St.

A peaceful resting area with a view of New Creek, perfect for a picnic or to just enjoy some quiet time with nature


  • Picnic table

  • Benches

  • Bench provided by Countryside Ruritan members in honor of Marian (Ravenscroft) Miller

  • "Little Free Library" established by Makenna Staggers

Sally Burnside.PNG

Mill Meadow Park

Mill Meadow Park is located on Limestone Rd. between Fort Ashby Rd. (46) & Cemetary Rd.


  • Picnic tables

  • Benches

  • Gazebo

  • Grill

  • Baseball field

  • Walking trail

  • Creek view

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