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City Maintenance/

Street Department

The City of Keyser's Maintenance Department is located on Carskadon Lane beside the water plant.

Duties of the Maintenance Department consist of general roadway repair and maintenance, maintaining city parks, cleaning side ditches, storm drains and streets.


The Department’s crew is also responsible for the installation and repair of sewer lines, making new water and sewer taps and operating the jetted in sewer mains when needed. The Maintenance Department assists the Water and Sewer Departments when needed as well.

In addition to the above, the Maintenance crew is also responsible for mowing and weed-eating throughout the city including at all city parks.  They also perform trash removal from Main Street and all City Departments as well as at the City Pool. 


During periods of snow and ice, the Maintenance crew plows and treats the city streets.

For any issues with streets, sewer blockages, etc. you may call the City Garage directly at 304-790-7073.

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